About Saffron Aid

Our mission is to assist local communities with skills and strategies to take advantage of the new opportunities, develop educational skills, create employment and foster self-sustaining micro enterprise to help stop child slavery and sex trafficking.
Saffron Aid is an International Non-Government Organisation operating in the southern Tanintharyi Region of Myanmar. The Tanintharyi Region has only been opened to foreign tourists within the last 12 months, foreign tourists are greeted by all community members in a friendly and respectful manner. Saffron Aid is working with remote regional villages and non-government schools to help improve the delivery of education in community funded schools, environmental practices within villages as well as along waterways, helping to set up micro businesses for villagers and implementation of basic First Aid in both schools and villages.

You can help to make a difference in Myanmar in the following ways:

Join as a Supporter

Our Supporters are crucial to our development – we are a community based organisation and rely on a pool of talented supporters to provide expertise, inspiration and assistance. We hold regular events and keep Supporters informed through our newsletter and updates to our website.

Supporter Categories

All Supporter Fees are tax deductible:

  • Individual $50 per annum
  • Family $75 per annum
  • Bronze $250 per annum
  • Silver $500 per annum
  • Gold $1,000 per annum

 Make a Donation

All donations to Saffron Aid are greatly appreciated, and can be made online or by post.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Make a Bequest

Create a living legacy to assist future generations in Myanmar by remembering the AHF in your will.

Tour Myanmar

By using My Adventure Tours to book a tour or just some small adventure or Trek in Myanmar provides Saffron Aid with a Donation, plus you get to witness first hand Saffron Aid’s work in ecotourism. Contact Saffron Aid for further information.

Saffron Aid is a registered Australian Charity, ABN 27614171425 , with no religious or political affiliations.