To maintain ethnic languages in the Indo-Pacific Region as well as helping to teach English by using children’s creative writing. We aim to produce a series of books each year of Picture Story Books that can be used in the classroom as a teaching aid to help ethnic language speakers learn Burmese so they can participate when they go to Myanmar Education Department Schools. 

Schools in remote regions will be asked to participate in the program. Children will be asked to write traditional folk stories in their own language. Schools will be asked to submit stories to Saffron Aid staff who will select stories to be translated into Burmese and English. The story will be given to a local artist to illustrate. 

Books will be edited by volunteer Saffron Aid staff and printed in Myanmar by selected Printers to ensure money donated and used on the project stays in local communities where ever possible.

Books will be donated to remote schools with all story writers receiving a free copy.

Copies of the book will be able to be purchased online as pdf or as a hard copy.

How We Work

We work with the teachers, monks and village community to ensure all children have the chance to attend school. Saffron Aid supplies the school with stationery that are controlled by the Head Teacher and the Monk to be administered to children so they can attend school and be equipped so they can be educated.

Children are also given sandals and a school uniform (White shirt and either green longyi).

Total Cost to supply one (1) student with black pencils, writing books, sandals and uniform is US$15. Keeps a child at school able to learn, play and have a childhood.