Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO

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Bat Detector with USB-C for iOS® and Android™
Turn your smartphone or tablet into a professional bat detector.
Engineered especially for researchers and environmental consultants, the Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO produces high-fidelity recordings that contain more bat calls (and less noise) than other detectors.
Listen to bats with our patented Real-Time Expansion (RTE) technology, or switch to Heterodyne or traditional Time Expansion playback. Get species suggestions, view spectrograms, map your locations, and more. Plug into your mobile device and install the free companion app to get started—no data plan required.

Record More Bats & Less Noise.

Capture high-quality recordings that include more bat calls and less noise. The EMT 2 PRO’s low-noise microphone detects even quiet and distant echolocations, while advanced triggering records more bats. Finally, built-in technology senses and removes “false triggers” if they occur, saving you time in analysis.

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