Echo Meter Touch 2

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Bat Detector with USB-C for iOS® and Android™

Turn your smartphone or tablet into an interactive bat detector.

Flying at night and generally vocalizing outside the range of human hearing, bats can be difficult to detect. But with the Echo Meter Touch 2, you can hear, identify, and record nearby bats. Simply plug into your mobile device and install the free companion app to get started—no data plan required.

A powerful tool for environmental educators and science coordinators looking to engage people of all ages in community science. Also great for nature enthusiasts who want to learn about bats and ecosystems.

  • Detect bats in real-time as they fly nearby
  • Hear, visualize, & record ultrasonic bat calls
  • Get suggested species with photos & more info*
  • See recording locations & paths on a "zoomable" map
  • Share your discoveries with others easily via text & email

*Bat Auto-ID classifiers are currently available for species in North America, Europe, South Africa, and the Neotropics.

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