Song Meter Mini Bat 2 Li-On

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Product Details
  • Capture bat echolocations in high fidelity via the built-in, low-noise, ultrasonic microphone.
  • Record bats and other wildlife that vocalise in the ultrasonic range in full-spectrum (WAV) and/or Zero-crossing (ZC)
  • A built-in, low-noise, ultrasonic microphone produces high-quality sound files
  • Easily program your recorder’s location, settings, and schedule using a Bluetooth®-enabled device and our free companion app for iOS® and Android™
  • Set GPS location and schedule to record at specific intervals
  • Deploy confidently in all weather, thanks to rugged IP67-rated, water-resistant housing.
  • Compact and lightweight (1.14 lb/517 g with batteries) for enhanced portability
  • Secure your recorder by adding a simple padlock** to its hinged enclosure.
  • An optional acoustic mic stub accessory** can be added for bird and amphibian recording
  • Accurately position the microphone towards bat flyaways using the tripod mount
  • Two-year warranty

**Sold separately

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