Saffron Aid is committed to following a set of guiding policies to ensure that everything we do is carried out ethically. These policies give structure to our network and help us to integrate our social dimensions and environment endeavours.

For while responsible trade and investments and good environmental governance are all critical to ensuring the responsible management of our natural capital, so too are people. Including social equity in our programs – on-the-ground and within the boardrooms and businesses that we operate – assures local communities vital input.

Feedback is also important both to Saffron Aid and our partners because it helps us to continually strive for improvement.

Details of how you can send us your comments can be found on our Contact us page.

Code of Ethical Conduct

We are committed to high ethical standards and the protection of our reputation as a professional and responsible conservation organisation.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct sets the standards of behaviour and describes the decision-making processes expected of all Saffron Aid Board members, staff members, volunteers and interns.

Sustainable Development and Human Rights

Equity, fairness, participation, impartiality, tolerance and justice – these are principles that we embrace and embed in the way we work. The policies below reflect our dedication and guide our commitment to:

  • promoting the integration of human rights into conservation policy and practice;
  • contributing to social and economic development as part of our efforts towards achieving lasting and equitable conservation outcomes;
  • supporting local people, particularly marginalised groups and vulnerable people, to meaningfully participate in determining their own sustainable development;
  • gender equity and integrating a gender perspective in our policies, programs, and projects, as well as in our own institutional structure;
  • respecting Indigenous and Traditional Peoples’ human and development rights and recognising the importance of conserving their cultures;
  • endorsing the Australian Aid program’s approach to family planning and reproductive health;
  • non-discrimination against colleagues, applicants or stakeholders having, perceived as having, living with or otherwise affected by HIV or AIDS; and
  • non-discrimination against people with disabilities, and ensuring that programs are disability-inclusive and activities promote accessibility.

Operational Policies

Integrity, safety, transparency, prudence – these are principles that underlie everything we do. The policies below reflect our dedication and guide our commitment to:

  •  a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption;
  •  transparency and accountability;
  •  assessing and eliminating or mitigating the risk of child abuse associated with the delivery of Saffron Aid and partner organisation programs and activities;
  •  ensuring that funds entrusted to Saffron Aid are used for their intended purposes, and do not support any activity directed towards welfare, evangelism, or partisan political activities;
  •  ensuring that Saffron Aid does not directly or indirectly support terrorism, money-laundering or other criminal misuses of funds;
  •  ensuring that all Saffron Aid staff, volunteers, interns and contractors can work in a safe environment, free of bullying, harassment and discrimination.