Our projects


Saffron Aid is helping children attend schools to help increase the education level in remote regional areas while helping schools retain the children. Due to very low incomes many children become labourers on farms, shops and factories so they can contribute to the family income.  By taking the burden of schooling costs from the family means children are able to attend school and gain an education.

By helping schools and teachers improve facilities and equipment means parents are more willing to send the children to be educated.



School Building

Helping to fund the construction of school buildings in remote regions of Myanmar. Majority of primary schools in these areas are community funded and set in local monasteries. Relying on donations many of these schools are in cramped buildings that are dual purpose ( classroom during the day/ dining hall for monks and sleeping areas for children who are “week day boarders”). To help Saffron Aid build schools please donate at: https://saffronaid.com/product/finish-building-a-classroom/