Saffron Aid is funding the employment of experienced English speaking Myanmar teachers for remote monastic primary schools. Majority of teachers at these schools are not trained and are generally high school graduates with no skills in teaching. Students who attend Teachers College generally find employment in the cities and do not return to their villages to teach.

Teaching is generally rote learning and as English is the official second language there is a need for improved teaching skills by a qualified teacher.

The teachers are hired from Yangon, where English is widely used and taught, on a 2 year contract which includes accommodation at the school and 2 return trips to Yangon yearly.

Monthly cost per teacher is US$300

A Teachers Network is being set up to share knowledge as well growing friendships with teachers in these remote regions. The network would include workshops held by Saffron Aid to introduce new teaching techniques and skills. 

How We Work

 Children will be assessed at the start of the program using Australian standardised tests and then yearly after that. It is expected that there will be a steady improvement in their test scores as well as demonstrated improvement in their daily work.

Teachers will be assessed by a qualified Australian teacher in combination with the Mentor as well as the Head Monk.   

It is hoped that the Teachers Network will help maintain the retention of teachers in these remote schools.