This project is designed to help low socioeconomic communities build economic and education resilience while helping clear the environment of all types of plastic waste. Plastic waste is will be turned into commercial products using the Collin’s Mixer and melter developed by PlasTech Recycling who Saffron Aid will be working with to implement throughout the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

The Australian developed Collin’s Mixer and Melter machine has proven that co-mingled plastics of all types can be recycled into viable commercial products. The plastic can be slightly dirty (up to 10%) and can include products from soft plastic food packaging to the dashboard of your car. Sand shoes (sneakers), ink cartridges and foil-lined envelopes can also be added. All seven (7) types of plastic have been recycled successfully when co-mingled.

The Indo-Pacific Plastic Recycling Revolution has been designed as a social enterprise by Saffron Aid to help communities throughout the Indo-Pacific region develop self-reliance as well as helping individuals escape the poverty trap. Recycling facilities will be set up in over 40 locations in the region, stretching from India to the Pacific Islands as well as an ocean-going facility to collect and process plastic in the ocean.

This project is aimed to be self-funding and sustainable so associated development programs can be run with the confidence of funding and not be time-limited so they can build long-lasting community resilience. Associated programs to be implemented include:

  • Environmental
  • Employment
  • Training in work skills
  • Education
  • Educational scholarships for university
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Research

Saffron Aid is designing a project that will deliver benefits to the environment, local communities as well as producing commercial products that can be used in the construction, agriculture and landscaping industries (to name a few) that can be recycled at the end of the products life.

Would you like to help?

Saffron Aid is looking for partners in Australia and throughout the Indo-Pacific Region who want to help save the environment from plastic pollution. Assistance can be in the way of funding, partnering from businesses who produce plastic or plastic waste as well as educational institutions. Saffron Aid will be developing a volunteer program where individuals or groups can assist in the enterprise’s programs.