Saffron Aid’s community development objective is closely linked to the Indo-Pacific Plastic Recycling Revolution project. Within this project community support will be generated by the project income and will manifest in a number of fields of education. Saffron Aid is committed to the World’s Largest Lesson philosophy and seeks to promote many of the following 17 global goals through community development in regions where the Indo-Pacific Plastic Recycling Revolution is operational.

The education philosophy of Saffron Aid is aligned to current research and worlds’ best practice in education from primary through to tertiary. To this end, Saffron Aid has identified five facets where community support through education will make the greatest immediate and long-term difference to the communities adjacent to the Indo-Pacific Plastic Recycling Revolution project locations.  Each one of the following facets is currently being trialled for efficacy in micro-studies in various communities in Myanmar and is further described in the following pages:

1. Time in school,

2. Literacy,

3. Teacher development,

4. Industry and community needs,

5. Infrastructure.