The remote regions we are working in do not have supermarkets or grocery stores nearby to purchase food, plus the income of the villagers are below the poverty line and most families live by growing their own food. It is traditionally left to the wife to grow vegetables and tend to the chickens and pigs, which all free-range around the community.

Purchasing of seeds is usually done at the nearest major town’s market and there are many seeds that are sold that are sterile or incorrectly labelled by unscrupulous distributors, the majority of these seeds are imported. 

Saffron Aid purchase good quality vegetable seed and distributes these seeds to local villagers so they can grow healthy and high yielding crops of vegetables. The family can then store vegetables so they have a good supply of food for themselves and have excess they can sell at the major town’s market and generate an income from their vegetable plot.

How it Works

By giving good quality seed that generates high yielding crops the family can grow enough food to eat for themselves and sell the excess at market thus generating an income. Generally, communities combine the transport of goods to market cutting down on costs. 

The money is used for clothing and purchase of other household utensils. 

US$5 gives a family 5 packs of high-quality seed that can make a huge difference to the entire family and community.