With the introduction of plastic recycling melters as a part of the Indo-Pacific Plastic Recycling Revolution project, Saffron Aid will be using Australian Registered Training Organisations to promote education of local community members to the level of trainers.  Each factory will aim to have ten qualified trainers. Courses will be offered in functional literacy and for trades related to the production requirements of the melters such as automotive, mechanical, carpentry, brick-laying, facility management, as well as office skills including computer, secretarial, bookkeeping and sales and marketing for retail and business management.  The associated Tea House will provide further opportunities to train staff in hospitality, food hygiene and cooking.  This will give trainees the skills and confidence to work in the wider catering, manufacturing and management industries.

This is a consolidation of Saffron Aid’s philosophy in community development through education and training to help nurture sustainable communities.  Each melter will grant micro-scholarships to allow children attend school, scholarships to young adults to attend university or obtain training certificates as well as targeted education scholarships to children whose families are involved in the supply chain.