Saffron Aid is helping children attend schools to help increase the education level in remote regional areas while helping schools retain the children. Due to very low incomes many children become labourers on farms, shops and factories so they can contribute to the family income.  By taking the burden of schooling costs from the family means children are able to attend school and gain an education.

How We Work

We work with the teachers, monks and village community to ensure all children have the chance to attend school. Saffron Aid supplies the school with stationery that are controlled by the Head Teacher and the Monk to be administered to children so they can attend school and be equipped so they can be educated.

Children are also given sandals and a school uniform (White shirt and either green longyi or shorts).

Total Cost to supply one (1) student with black pencils, writing books, sandals and uniform is $20. Keeps a child at school able to learn, play and have a childhood.