Helping to fund the construction of school buildings in remote regions of Myanmar. Majority of primary schools in these areas are community funded and set in local monasteries. Relying on donations many of these schools are in cramped buildings that are dual purpose ( classroom during the day/ dining hall for monks and sleeping areas for children who are “week day boarders”)

To build more classrooms that can fit all children who want to attend school plus give teachers manageable class sizes to work with. Ideally, we would be able to fund sleeping quarters as well for the children rather than sleeping under desks in the classrooms

How it Works

Local builders are used to construct the class rooms so the money donated to the building fund is used in the community. Wherever possible materials are sourced locally but some products, such as cement and bricks, need to be purchased from larger towns.

The building fund is used to construct the building, fit it out with desks and chairs, blackboard as well as solar powered lighting and battery storage.