Sometimes even the smallest contribution can make a big difference!

You probably have twenty dollars on you right now. It’s pocket change. Parking money. Two cups of coffee, lunch from the cafe.

But for villagers in Myanmar, twenty US dollars is a weekly income. And for schools, it can provide enough notebooks and pencils to teach one child for a year. Village children often have to earn the money to buy their own school books.

That’s why we’re asking for your help. A small donation can provide notebooks, pencils and other basics so kids can focus on learning, not working. And together we can provide other essentials like world maps, access to computers and library books.

Best of all we’ll be helping the entire community to develop self-sufficiency, stop Child Slavery and help keep families and communities strong.

The Indo-Pacific Region is rapidly changing economic and political landscape with local communities having new opportunities to prosper. But they must first overcome the legacy of poor education and limited income. By assisting families to send their children to school we are helping to develop their knowledge and skills to fit into this quickly changing new world plus allowing children to be children, not having to work to help sustain the family.