Pippyg V:3.3 - passive bat detector

Available Mid July 2024
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  • The Pippyg ships as a USB class compliant microphone perfect be used with the IPhone App, but can also be reconfigured easily to be used as a passive bat detector, much like our popular PiPistrelle. If reconfigured with the PiPistrelle firmware updater, on a duty cycle of 15 minutes/hour of recording, the Pippyg Passive Bat Detector is the perfect tool for enthusiasts and professionals looking to study bat behavior. With the ability to record 384kHz / 16-bit wavs to a microSD card, this detector produces high-quality audio files optimized for analysis by the BTO Acoustic Pipeline. Additionally, the files are timestamped and location-stamped, and geolocation metadata is stored in the industry-standard "GUANO" format, allowing for easy organisation and analysis of data. With the ability to be configured using an iOS, MacOS, or Android app, this detector is both convenient and efficient. Plus, with a runtime of 4 to 7 days, you can trust that the Pippyg Passive Bat Detector will capture all the data you need for your research.
  • Records 384kHz / 16-bit wavs to microSD
    • File size optimised for analysis by BTO Acoustic Pipeline
    • Files timestamped and location-stamped
    • Geolocation metadata stored in industry-standard "GUANO" format
    • iOS / MacOS / Android app configures device for recording
  • Devices typically run for 4 to 7 days
    • Quoted times are based on measured performance using 2450mAh rechargeables
    • Actual run-time depends on how many recordings are triggered
    • Writing to microSD is the most power-hungry operation
    • Battery life is longer when fewer recordings are made
    • Selection of trigger level and sleep/wake times are important
  • pippyg and π•pistrelle both powered by 3 AA batteries

pippyg and π•pistrelle run identical firmware

  • Configurable and upgradeable
    • Programmable "recording trigger" sensitivity
    • Programmable "awake CPU MHz" to burn less current when scanning for bat calls

Suite of support tools provided both as C++ source code and as precompiled cross-platform binaries

  • Binaries are .js for running in Node.js®, which is available for Microsoft, Apple and Linux
  • sonogram.js creates .jpg sonograms from recordings
  • chirpwav.js creates .wav file to configure devices
  • patchpip.js modifies firmware images to support device re-flashing with custom behaviour
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Pippyg V:3.3 - passive bat detector