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Now you can record bats, birds, frogs and other vocalising wildlife with one device. The Chorus is an easy-to-use recorder, compact, lightweight and customisable.

The Chorus is designed to survive your tough field conditions. It is weatherproof and robust, with low-profile microphones (to reduce the likelihood of pesky livestock and wildlife chewing them). Even if your microphones do get damaged, they are easily user-replaceable in seconds– so you don’t need to send the recorder back, just replace the microphone in the field.

An acoustic microphone is included with the Chorus, so if you want to record birds or frogs, it is ready to go! The Chorus is also dual-channel, so you can add an ultrasonic microphone to record bats, or a second acoustic microphone for stereo recordings. You do not need any extra devices (such as phones) to set up the recorder – no Bluetooth required, making deployment more reliable. Check your configuration on-recorder using the internal OLED screen. You can choose from our automatic schedules for night-mode, day-mode, or continuous recording, or create your own schedule; you can record bats at night and birds during the day. You can even record bats in zero crossing on the recorder to save on memory space during long deployments. It is easy to create complex multi-task schedules using the Toolbox scheduler built in to Insight.

The Chorus battery-life is second to none, allowing you to record for 50 nights in full spectrum ultrasonic, or 350 hours of acoustic recording on just 4 AA batteries. Like all our devices, a built-in GPS comes as standard. All your files will be geotagged, your location will be used to calculate sunset and sunrise for automatic scheduling, and you can even activate transect mode to save a track.

Chorus Includes

One acoustic microphone with wind sock and magnetic lanyard for checking status. Please note SD Card and batteries are sold separately.

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Titley Chorus