Titley Walkabout

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The all-in-one device designed for active bat detection and recording.

A 5″ colour touchscreen displays full spectrum and zero crossing calls in real time, enabling you to monitor and label your files in the field.

The Walkabout uses a profile system to give you fast access to customisable settings for different uses. You can lock your settings and export your profiles to other Walkabout detectors. With the touch of a button you can change the Walkabout from a heterodyne ‘listening’ detector, into a detector optimised to collect full spectrum, annotated reference calls.

In addition to the real-time sonogram display, you can switch to basic mode which shows minimal information for those that find a live display distracting.
Managing your recordings is simple with everything saved to a memory card, and a built-in file system for viewing, play-back, and species labelling.

The detector includes an omnidirectional microphone with a directional cone attachment to reduce ambient noise. Recording high quality (500 ksps) files over 200 kHz. Save written or voice memos, along with temperature, humidity and ambient light measurements.
The hand strap, lanyard and ergonomic design makes active detection for long periods comfortable. A built-in GPS and mapping system allows you to tag your calls and log your track as you go.

This custom-designed detector goes beyond the toy microphones of the competition and provides active performance second to none.

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Titley Walkabout